Many people believe that if they have never suffered a panic attack, then they don’t suffer from anxiety. However, you need to know that isn’t the case and anxiety treatment is available. Anxiety sufferers can experience a multitude of symptoms at various degrees of severity and never know that their internal struggle isn’t healthy.

Signs You May Have Anxiety

Anxiety attack symptoms may not be what you thought. Think about the following questions, and ask yourself if they apply to you. If you answer yes to more than two or three, it’s very likely you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder:

  • Are you constantly worried or tense?
  • Do you find that your worries interfere with work, school, or home responsibilities?
  • Are you ever afraid of something that you know is irrational, but you can’t control it?
  • Maybe you believe something bad is going to happen if something isn’t done a certain way?
  • Or do you avoid normal, everyday things because they make you feel nervous or frightened?
  • How about, do you have sudden, out-of-the-blue bouts of heart-pounding panic?
  • Okay, the last one, do you think there is always some danger nearby?

If yes, it is highly probable that you suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder.

How Are You Emotionally and Physically?

Your emotional and physical state are an important aspect of anxiety disorders. If you often feel apprehension, dread, or constantly on the lookout for danger, you are likely experiencing anxiety. You may feel restless, have a hard time concentrating, jumpy, and irritable. These are all normal, and treatment is available.

Physically, you may experience a pounding heart, sweating, headaches, upset stomach, nausea, muscle tension, fatigue, or insomnia.

Contact Us for Anxiety Treatment in Parker Colorado

If you think these symptoms apply to you, come see us at Counseling Services of Parker Colorado. We can teach you how to work through these symptoms and see a real improvement in your quality of life. Call now to learn more.

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