How to Know Your Partner’s Love Language

Everyone has different love languages. The good news is that you can have different languages of love and have a healthy relationship. You should make sure you understand what your partner needs. Both of you just must do a little to consider the various needs.

1. Find out your partner’s love language.

Observe the little actions of your partner. What makes them smile? When do they start to feel frustrated or whine about how their day went? Talking about your romantic needs and wants with your partner is a huge and important step in your relationship. It also takes time.

You can also get together for a date night and complete this online quiz.

2. Understand your partner’s love language.

Follow the relationship advice of so many once you discover your love languages: learn to speak the love language of your partner. Start showing love as they perceive it as love below:

  • Acts of Service: Do small actions to show your affection. Fold and put their laundry away, cook dinner after a busy workday if your partner is usually the cook, and remember to take out the trash.
  • Quality Time: Put away the cell phone and give them your full attention. Take a walk in the neighborhood or play a card game for two.
  • Words of Affirmation: Be loving with your words, whether they be spoken or written. Send a good morning text or put a handwritten note in their briefcase or backpack.
  • Receiving Gifts: Buy them small things every so often. You can buy their favorite pastry or drink from the local coffee shop. Making them “love” coupons are always welcome. Plus, never forget special dates like birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Physical Touch: Reach out and hold their hand. Hug your significant other after you haven’t seen each other all day and give them a kiss goodnight before you go to bed.

3. Compromise with your partner.

There is a single word that encompasses all relationship advice about how to understand the love language of your partner: compromise. It is not easy to learn to negotiate, and a relationship can be full of doubts and difficulties. If you want to make things work in your relationship, it should be all about give-and-take.

With someone with a different language of love, understanding their love language is not difficult. It only means being more attuned to your relationship’s special needs and taking care of your partner.