Dating with Anxiety: 3 Ways to Cope

If you are anxious, it can seem almost impossible to pass a date. Many people completely ignore the dating scene. For those who have the confidence to want a new relationship, the date may be so tainted with many worries or panic attacks.

However, there are ways to deal with fear and meet people who are worthwhile. Below are three ways to successfully manage your worries and have fun.

Learn How to Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

To manage anxiety, there’s the approach of the idea of exposure: the more you deal with stressful situations, the more resilient you become to handle them. If dating sounds especially worrying, start slow by choosing places to practice small talk. Think of a few conversation topics – music, culture, sports games, local events, and world news – that can be helpful. This will help you better connect with your date because current events impact almost everybody.

Keep Dates Short and Sweet

You should concentrate on and empower yourself to get through with some nervous energy. Seek to see your date with a healthy sense of stress. The important thing is to keep the date brief so you’re not stuck for long.

Set up a date that lasts a few hours and meet in a common location— for example your favorite cafe or a nearby restaurant with a familiar menu.

Shift Your Mental State

Anxiety causes stress because we see it as an issue instinctually, nothing more. It’s easy to get nervous about how your date will view you. After your date, you might feel tempted to replay the uncomfortable moments or awkward silences in your head but avoid the temptation.

Focus instead on whether this individual is right for you. Instead of beating yourself up or concentrating on the awkward moments during the date, remember the instances of laughter and good talk: Were you funny? Did you compliment your date or vice versa? Keep thinking about any common interests and values you discussed during your date, the chemistry between the two of you, and if you want to see the other person again or not.

That can take a great deal of pressure from the date, because you are playing an active part in this process instead of hoping for approval or not. Any experience with dating should be seen as a positive lesson. You have been hopeful in your dating journey, and the next date will be even better. Your therapist can help you navigate your dating experience and help you see ways to improve them.