The stigma surrounding therapy has begun to disappear, but some people are still not sure when the right time is to seek out a therapist. If you are looking for a Parker counselor who can help you sort through your feelings and your habits, please contact us at The Counseling Services of Parker! For those of you who are unsure about taking a step towards therapy and external assistance, consider what benefits you may receive by going to see a counselor. If any of the following describe you, then you might be surprised by how helpful therapy could be:

You Tend to Fear the Worst

Some people have one bad thing happen to them, and they let it completely shake up their lives. In your mind, being denied a promotion at work equates to being a failure. One bad date makes it seem like no one will ever care for you again. Assuming the worst, and jumping to negative conclusions, is a surefire way to limit your progress and keep you from reaching your fullest potential. A therapist can help you work through these feelings and help you find more realistic and encouraging ways of processing bad events.

You Punish Yourself

While it can be good to be aware of what you did wrong and vow to do better in the future, very little good can come from dwelling on the past and beating yourself up. If you believe like nothing you do is enough, then it may be time to change your perspective and gain some outside ideas. Through therapy, you may be able to conquer these problems as just problems and not character flaws of yours.

You Bite off More Than You Can Chew

Do you find yourself constantly taking care of others? You may feel and seem healthy since you are the one paying the bills in your relationship while your significant other stays home and sleeps all day, but you may be allowing other people’s responsibilities to hold you back. A counselor will be able to help you see this pattern and help you plan ways to take care of those around you without being too much of a drain on yourself.

You Feel Stress Stop You in Your Tracks

If stress knocks you down entirely and you have a very difficult time bouncing back, then it might be time for a therapist. Think of a therapist as an instruction manual to something you’ll be doing every day: they can teach you how to go through something, and soon, you’ll be able to do it on your own without their help. When stress and external factors knock you down, you need to learn healthy ways to respond and grow.

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