What is couples therapy?

Marriage and couples therapy is a way for you and your partner to talk through all aspects of your relationship. This not only includes what is going well but also what can be worked on and improved upon. Even the happiest of couples have disagreements and lapses in communication. Consequently, Counseling Services of Parker hopes to assist our clients with their relationship and marriage challenges. Furthermore, we discuss things like your communication habits, any specific problems your relationship may be experiencing, and possible solutions.

Should my partner and I go to couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a wonderful idea for any relationship, from a serious couple to a longtime married couple. In fact, those couples who are not yet married can take advantage of these sessions. The sessions help describe what they expect in a longterm relationship. Couples who have been together for many years find therapy beneficial. Often times they report that as a result of going to therapy it invigorated and energized their marriage/relationship.  

Does couples therapy work?

Yes, according to Psychology Today it does! Some people will try to say that couples therapy does not work. This is true for those couples out there who have already decided to end their relationship. If couples therapy is a last-ditch effort to repair a severely severed relationship, it is unlikely that the therapy will be helpful. However, when both parties are interested in growing their relationship and understanding one another, we have found couples therapy to be quite successful.

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