Welcome to Counseling Services of Parker! No matter what may be going on in your life, we are confident that we can work through your concerns and troubles together.

Who Should Seek Therapy?

Many people believe therapists are only for those who need help. While we are happy to help those who need it, we also know that everyone can benefit from therapy. Just getting your worries out into the open—especially when speaking with someone who is trained to help you work through these worries—can help relieve stress and improve your overall well-being. We know that anyone who is seeking an outlet can benefit and grow through therapy.

What if I Have a Specific Concern?

If you struggle with any of the following issues, we encourage you to contact us today:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship or marital concerns
  • Substance abuse
  • Major life transitions
  • Self-image struggles

Regardless of what you are experiencing, the guidance, advice, and listening ear of a professional can help.

Our Services

  • Anxiety Treatment – Together we can figure out the source of your anxiety, as well as what steps you may want to take to better handle your fears and concerns.
  • Depression Treatment – Let’s discover ways to bring meaning and energy back into your life. We can discuss ways to cope with your depression.
  • Individual Counseling – If you are experiencing a major life transition, you may wish to have guidance from an external source. Together we can work through what is happening in your life and create solutions together.
  • Marriage & Couples Counseling – Regardless of whether your relationship is stronger than ever or struggling, couples counseling can help expand your methods and effectiveness of communication.

Let’s work together to bring you closer to the life you both want and deserve. Call today to schedule your appointment.