When it comes to keeping your relationship strong and healthy, it’s important to be able to take a good look at the current state of your relationship and see what it needs. Have the two of you been communicating effectively? Have your problems been seeming more difficult to work through together than they were previously? Making the decision to seek marriage counseling can be tough, but with an open-minded approach and an understanding of what can be done during marriage counseling, you might find that you and your spouse might see many benefits. What are the most common reasons that couples, such as yourselves, seek marriage counseling?

Communication is no longer positive.

When you have a hard time communicating in a positive way, it can tear down you or your partner’s self-esteem. This turns your interactions into negative ones, which can lead to feelings of resentment, depression, insecurity, and wanting to withdraw from being around each other altogether. While this might not be the words one of you say, it can be the way they are said. If you feel that either one of you is leaning towards negative communication, it might be time to bring up couple’s counseling.

One or both of you have had an affair.

Recovering from an affair is difficult work. It demands commitment, forgiveness, and a determination to move forward. However, when both partners are interested in salvaging the relationship, then marriage counseling may be just what the two of you need to begin the healing process. Together, you can work through the differences you have and come to a resolution about the best way to move forward. Sometimes this is mending the relationship; other times, the best option is to move on.

When the two of you are behaving like roommates and not a couple.

When your relationship turns into just cohabitation, this means that your marriage could be struggling. If you and your spouse have been struggling with communication, conversation, intimacy, or anything else the two of you find to be essential in a relationship, then marriage counseling may be a good way to find a solution.

You are having issues resolving conflict.

If the two of you have been arguing and you aren’t sure where to go from there, it’s time to figure out what it causing the discord to begin with. Talking these things through with a third party, such as a marriage counseling professional, might give the two of you some perspective and a fresh idea on how to solve your problems.

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